One among such situation is PowerPoint Slide not showing text in Slideshow. After attaching and embedding Powerpoint File (PPTX) in a Confluence, the page doesn't display or render the slides. Supported OS. This text is on top of a black background, part of the slide template. The Atlassian Community is here for you. You can animate a text object on the slide with an entrance, emphasis, exit or motion path effects. PowerPoint text animation draws viewers’ attention to the key points of your presentation and make viewing experience more fun. 5. Now recently, this user has issues where text and (some) graphics do not display correctly. Robins_Morton asked on 2008-06-04. The text is visible in edit mode but it appears/disappears randomly when I start a slide show. The pictures on the slides are not displaying in the main window. ext="pptx" name="edit" When a character is displayed using a font that doesn’t support that character, a default “not defined” glyph from that font is used. Being involved with EE helped me to grow personally and professionally. In PowerPoint 2007, select Installed Templates, and then select Introducing PowerPoint 2007. Some people, especially in PowerPoint, are using (too) many fonts and exotic fonts that they use on the slides. 6. The reasons why PowerPoint fails to show text in Slideshow are given here: Incorrect configuration of PowerPoint application; PowerPoint Slide damage after malware impact; Frequent termination of PowerPoint application while working with presentation slides; Incorrect migrate or update process of PowerPoint … Text does not display in PowerPoint presentation, Office Online Server and Office Web Apps Server 2013 - General Discussion and Questions. requires="update"/> 5. If you’ve inserted slide numbers in PowerPoint in placeholders and the slide numbers are still not showing, there are several issues that users encounter which result in the slide or page numbers now appearing. Images display fine in all PowerPoint presentations but straight text does not show up when viewing the presentation in the Web page. When selecting, automatically select entire word Select this check box to select the entire word when you click a word, or clear this check box to select an individual letter in a word when you click a word.. I'm with the IT department at my office and a co-worker is having issues where Microsoft Word 2003 will not display text that has been typed. Step 2.