Different language will be used for static charts and dynamic charts. STUDY. In [latex]2000[/latex] the temperature difference was at about [latex]0.4^{\circ}C[/latex]. And the reason why we connect them with a line is to really see if there's some kind of a trend here to really show that you have something that's moving from one price to another. Line graphs are used to track changes over short and long periods of time. In a line graph, you normally expect to see years and therefore describing trends is a key thing to remember. In Writing task 1 academic you need to write a report about one of the following: It could be a bar chart, a line graph, maps, a table, a pie chart or a process diagram. In IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 you will be tested on your ability to describe and interpret information presented in a graph, table, chart or diagram. You can see this says the same thing as the title, but in a different way. 2) Give an Overview. There were slight blips of increases in that time frame, but the trend during that time period shows that the marriage rate for females decreased as time passed, or years increased. They use internet for watch Youtube, webtoons, or even to play computer games. The other three friends, including me, have 'Gong-sin Phone' which means 'the God of the Study Phone'. The graph below shows the closing value in ($) of the Dow Jones index in relation to the year. The line graph above displays the changes in world population growth over time. Looking at this graph we can observe overall trends, individual regions, or segments of time. Look at the exam question, line graph and answer and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. In the most cases, time is distributed on the horizontal axis. Gravity. A graph has an X-axis which gives us information on the horizontal axis, and a Y-axis which gives us information on the vertical axis. Unemployment levels dropped slightly. In this video, you're going to learn how to describe graphs with a trend. Look at the exam question, line graph and answer and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. However, based on our knowledge and the data provided, we cannot tell how median household income is related to overrepresentation. Please feel free to leave comments to suggest other structures that you think are helpful for other candidates. Describing Graph Trends - Gap Fill. Look at the exam question, line graph and answer and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Describing a graph of trends over time. (I) Describing Trends Trend graphs describe changes over time (e.g. Graphs or charts help people understand data quickly. Look at the data points scattered all over the graph below. You will need to describe trends, compare and contrast data or report statistical information. It’s possible that if a statistician analyzed the numbers, there is a slight trend. Line Graphs. Aim to use the word “ because ”. Static and Dynamic data. When asked to explain graphs, you give reasons for each trend in the bars or lines on the graph. This issue is about language used in describing different kinds of trends. Spell. Let us get into the details of line graph essays. Best Practices: Describing Trends, Graphs, And Changes In business and everyday English, you sometimes have to describe changes in trends (movement or tendency), graphs, and diagrams. So even though there are lots and up and downs between, there is no consistent increase or decrease. The second low must be higher than the first for the line to have a positive slope. Practice: Describing trends in scatter plots. time) and the dependent data are on the vertical y-axis. Students try to write appropriate sentences for the pictures using the vocabulary at the bottom of the page. However, depending on the data, it does often follow a trend. Line graphs are drawn so that the independent data are on the horizontal a-axis (e.g. In the business context, you may have to describe trends in reports, meetings, and presentations. Next lesson. How about you? For females (the red line), the marriage rate in [latex]1980[/latex] was about [latex]45[/latex], and in [latex]2010[/latex] it was about [latex]20[/latex]. Instructions. DESCRIBING GRAPHS AND CHARTS The function of a line graph is to describe a TREND pictorially. The following graph shows the fertility rate in various regions in a hundred year range. A turning point for both lines. For males (the blue line), the data for [latex]1940[/latex] and [latex]1975[/latex] looks to be the same, [latex]70[/latex]. Occasionally you will need to describe a process (which we will explain in another section). Outliers in scatter plots. It is important to read what each axis is about. You can see that in 1996 the population was 5.25 million and that by the year 2007 it had grown to 5.45 million. The graph shows / indicates / depicts / illustrates From the graph it is clear It can be seen from the graph As can be seen from the graph, As is shown / illustrated by the graph, Example: The graph shows the percentage of children using supplements in a place over a year. Trends can be observed overall or for a specific segment of the graph. I can't play games with this phone. The x-axis shows time or distance. So it's the device which people call "PHONE", but blocked everything out because the negative impact which is disturbing while we're studying, and much more expensive than a real smartphone. Holding a straight edge gives us a shallow line that goes down to the right. The global temperature difference increases as time passes, or as the years increase. The worldwide data is depicted on the blue line with square points. Clusters in scatter plots. If we pick pick a point from each end we can analyze the values. But in this case, we use this device to study in our own houses by the on-line classes after Coronavirus. What is the overal trend of this data? Test. You also need to state what the main trend or trends in the graph are. Skills Tested in IELTS Task 1. 1. Miriam_Symon. Overall, both downloads and physical sales of music have steadily declined. Now let’s look at a graph that show the global temperature differences collected over the 100+ years. What percentage of people in your country use the internet? I can't even install some apps, connect to internet, no Wi-fis, no SNS, no cacaotalks or lines... well, I guess you got the ideas. Analysis 3: Define trends. Simmonds online English lessons presents an English class all about describing trends and graphs in English. And I thnk people will adopt the AI ribits like Clova (from Naver) or Siri (from IPhone) or Google Assistance (from Google). Write. There are 21people in my class and 18 of them have smartphones. The trend for males during this time period is that the marriage rate was unchanging as the years increased. Uses of line graphs: When you want to show trends. What new technology are people starting to adopt? They can also be used to show several dependent variables against one independent variable. Here are some more examples. An uptrend line has a positive slope and is formed by connecting two or more low points. To get a good band score you must show the examiner a range of different words to show upward and downward trends as well as key features. Some say the data must be measured nearly continually in order for the lines to be A line chart graphically displays data that changes continuously over time. Firstly it shows … This diagram represents … The line graph clearly shows … The chart is divided into 4 parts. Taking some endpoints allows us to collect more evidence for our answer: In [latex]1910[/latex] the temperature difference was at about [latex]-0.3^{\circ}C[/latex]. Data from the real world typically does not follow a perfect line or precise pattern. The graph below show the marriage rates in Great Britain over the past [latex]80[/latex] years. The graph above gives the information in five year sections so we could write our report like this: TYPES OF CHART PIE CHART: used to show percentages BAR CHART: is used to compare different sets of information LINE GRAPH: is most useful for showing trends I believe those will help us to find easily something we need to find in the internet. Sounds boring, right? Subject (what you’re describing) + verb + adverb. If there is only one or two, then use more detail. I can't watch Youtube with this phone. Here is an example for the above line graph: The line graph compares the fast food consumption of teenagers in Australia between 1975 and 2000, a period of 25 years. 1954: An intersection point between the kestrel’s line and mice line. How to describe trends is an important skill which can facilitate business report / proposal writing, presentations, negotiations and many other communicative purposes in the workplace. Static data means that the chart or graph displays one period of time. https://www.giss.nasa.gov/research/news/20120119/, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Trends_in_TFR_1950-2050.png, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:DJIA_historical_graph_to_jul11_(log).svg, One variable increases as the other increases, One variable decreases as the other increases, There is no change in one variable as the other increases or decreases, The data is so scattered and random that no trend can be determined from the graph. There is some debate about the degree of measurement between time points. Dynamic data shows two or more periods of time.It also shows how trends change over a period of time.. The latter has slumped since 2011, … In IELTS writing task 1, you will be asked to describe facts or figures presented in one or more graphs, charts or tables on a related topic; or they may be given a diagram of a machine, a device or a process and asked to explain how it works. PLAY. Is this changing? I don't know about the percentage of people in my country use internet, but I guess I can make it with my classmates. It presents three different methods: streaming, downloading and buying CDs. The price of gas increased suddenly. Apart from essential business presentation phrases, charts, graphs, and diagrams can also help you We would say that we cannot determine the trend of this data based on the graph. In Figure 1, the rate of photosynthesis increases when temperature increases because temperature increases the kinetic energy store of the enzyme and substrate molecules used in photos… This blog offers two great lessons on describing, analysing and evaluating graphs / charts / tables. What is the trend of this data for males between [latex]1940[/latex] and [latex]1975[/latex]? Here are some words which you'll be able to use in many situations. IELTS line graphs show change over a period of time and you must vary your language and vocabulary when you write your report. Describing Trends in Graphs. Being able to use prepositions correctly is an important part of Writing Task 1 of the Academic version of the IELTS exam.In this lesson we are going to learn when to use AT, ON, IN, BY, TO, and other prepositions correctly.Let’s look at the words increase and decrease. Line graphs are used to show trends or tendencies that happen over a period of time. Looking at this graph answer the following questions. Flashcards. The change is not enough to infer a consistent pattern, so the trend is that the fertility rate is static or unchanging over time, or as the years increase. Estimating lines of best fit. Or: There was a significant decrease in interest rates. Preparation. What would you say is the overall trend of this data (Worldwide)? Let’s take a look at some graph depicting real data and see what we can determine about their trends. So as the years increased by [latex]80[/latex], the value of the index increased by [latex]$9,900[/latex]. As time passes, or the years increase, the value of the Dow Jones also increases. Then read the exam question and answer and do the other exercises. Phrases for interpreting graphs, trends… The graph demonstrates that … The graph below displays the relationship between … The graphs displays the number of … We can interpret the graph in several ways. We’d love your input. The first lesson begins with naming different graph / chart types, describing a range of different lines (peak, plummet, etc..) and finishing with a fun activity where students describe and plot the lines on four graph s.. Outliers in scatter plots. Match. Check your vocabulary: multiple choice. Each line graph consists of points that connect data to show a trend (continuous change). A trend is a pattern in a set of results displayed in a graph. Now it is important to define all significant trends. Line graphs are useful in that they show data variables and trends clearly and help us make predictions about the results of data not yet included. Learn the words, then look online for some line graphs and try to describe them. Below you can find a range of useful grammar and sentence structures to describe trends in line graphs. What is the trend of this data for females between [latex]1980[/latex] and [latex]2010[/latex]? The developed regions line starts with a slight decrease over time and then a very slight increase after the lowest point. In our example… DESCRIBING CHARTS AND GRAPHS Language used to describe charts and graphs. Learn. Check your writing: gap fill. If there are many lines in the graph(s), then just generally describe the trend. You can use them to make a comparison or show a trend. Essential vocabulary to describe an IELTS writing task 1 line graph. And this type of graph right over here is called a line graph because you have the data points for each month. Up Next. As a percentage of the government’s budget spending on education also (4)_____ each year, from 17.6% to 18% and then to 18.2%. from the real world typically does not follow a perfect line or precise pattern. The graph illustrates trends in music buying habits between 2011 and 2018. And then we connected them with a line. For example, you can’t use the language of trends for a static chart because the data doesn’t change over time. When you write about a line chart it is important to look first at the… Positive and negative linear associations from scatter plots. (small change) 6. In [latex]2000[/latex] the Dow Jones was at about [latex]$10,000[/latex]. For example, in a chronological line graph it might seem sensible to describe the information year by year or period by period. How would you describe the trend of this graph? What is the trend in more developed regions (red line w/ diamond points)? A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). Holding a straight edge over the data points gives us an approximate line that rises up to the right. When looking a graph to determine its trend, there are usually four options to describe what you are seeing. A lot of presentations are focused on data and numbers. In [latex]1920[/latex] the Dow Jones was at about [latex]$100[/latex]. 1962: A low point of the mice line and a highpoint for the kestrel’s line. Look at the following simple line graph: It shows the population of Denmark from 1996 to 2007. Write a caption for this week's funny photo of a rather strange... How many words can you Sushi Spell in two minutes? We can say that the data on this graph fits the trend — “one variable increases as the other increases”. Though the points don’t create a perfect line, if you hold your pencil over the data points, you can see that a diagonal line going up to the right is formed. Public expenditure on education in Hong Kong (1) _____ continuously from 1995 to 1998. Take the... © British Council The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. You therefore should try and describe the trend in it. 5 Describing graphs and trends: making sentences worksheet (with answers) This is a worksheet to help English language learners write and talk about graphs and trends. Created by. Important Points This is the currently selected item. And I guess everyone have at least one computer in there home. Vocabulary and grammar for line graphs and describing trends. Do the preparation exercise first. Did you have an idea for improving this content? Describing a graph of trends over time - exercises, Describing a graph of trends over time - answers, Describing a graph of trends over time - essay, Describing a graph of trends over time - writing practice, How to be a good listener if someone is upset. There was + adjective + noun + (what you’re describing) You can use these formulas to describe most trends in line graphs. Note that at least three points must be connected before the line is considered to be a valid trend line.. Uptrend lines act as support and indicate that net-demand (demand less supply) is increasing even as the price rises. This implies that the trend is the fertility rate decrease over time, or as the years increase. 1. This is what we mean by describing the trends. When describing a line graph, you should include: - In academic year 1995-6 it (2)_____ HK$33,611 million, (3)_____ to $39,165 million in 1996-7 and $45,315 million in 1997-8. The graph shows a _____ rise over the spring and summer period. They can be used as a noun or a verb.It is important to know the difference of whether it is a noun or a verb because the preposition that comes after it will be differen… Line graphs have an x-axis and a y-axis.

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